Healthy Sugar Free Vegan Chocolate Sauce
Chocelix Chocolate Sauce
admin | 01 December
Are you looking for a healthy Chocolate sauce that you can make quickly and easily, that doesn't...
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Ayurveda Winter Chai
admin | 15 July
This beautiful Ayurveda Winter Chai recipe has been put together by our beautiful friend Carla...
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Hearty Lentil Soup
admin | 05 July
This Lentil Soup is so simple to make, and although needs to you be around to occasionally stir and...
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Chicken Soup
admin | 16 June
During the nippy winter months, we all need a little bit of a wholesome boost to the immune system...
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GF Mesquite Biscuits
admin | 15 June
Have you always wondered what you can use Mesquite for?! We did, so we have been on a mission to...
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Cauliflower & Turmeric Soup
admin | 10 May
If you tried our recipe from a few weeks ago, you'll know that Cauliflower Soup is delicious as it...
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Pear Crumble
admin | 18 April
This recipe is great for apple crumble, pear crumble, rhubarb crumble, forest fruit crumble, well,...
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Chocelix Hotcross Buns
admin | 31 March
Hotcross Buns are one of the most delicious and addictive treats that easter bring each year,...
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Cauliflower Soup
admin | 15 March
Cauliflower is a great way to start off a nutritious homemade soup addiction. Cauliflower is a...
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Dark Chocolate
admin | 19 February
We are ending the week on a high - literally! This week over on Instagram we have been giving you 3...
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GF Blackbean Brownies
admin | 13 February
These blackbean brownies are simple to make and delicious to fill that mid afternoon snack spot. We...
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Coconut 'Maca' Cookies
admin | 05 February
These Coconut flour cookies are super simple and quick, when you're looking to whip up a little '...
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Australia Day Lamingtons
admin | 26 January
Australia Day was first celebrated in the early 19th century, called "First Landing Day" or "...
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Snapped FRO-YO
admin | 17 January
This little recipe is the perfect treat for those hot days in the sun. They can be made as cracked...
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Sunflower Seed Milk
admin | 31 December
We previously gave you an easy recipe for Almond Milk, but did you know that you can pretty much...
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Raw Xmas Pudding
admin | 25 December
If you love fruit, trail mix and/or dried fruit, you'll love these. This is a delicious alternative...
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Was Santa a Mushroom Dealer?
admin | 24 December
There may actually be some truth in the relationship between mushrooms, the origin of Christmas,...
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Pumpkin Graveyard
admin | 01 November
Another tasty party snack for Halloween, a graveyard of peacefully resting chocolate coated...
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Lucuma Icecream Ghosts
admin | 01 November
We are sporting some Halloween magic here at The Grove HQ, and these little ghostly beasties are...
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Beetroot Smoothie
admin | 11 October
You may be wondering whether or not you should be jumping on the band wagon of the new Beetroot...
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Warm Strawberry Choc
admin | 27 September
When friends pop around on a fresh Spring morning you should definitely pull this number out from...
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Spring Detox Smoothie
admin | 13 September
A very wet Spring day here in Melbourne, so what better day than to get stuck into a nice warming...
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Roasted Chickpeas
admin | 07 September
So we were looking for a little snack to add to the lunch boxes, that tasted a little naughty so...
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Brain Boost Smoothie
admin | 30 August
With the blossoms out on the trees and strawberries looking rather delicious, we decided on a...
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Energy Smoothie
admin | 23 August
Avocados are tasty. What makes them even more tasty is blending them with Coconut Milk, Maca,...
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Sweet Potatoe Smoothie
admin | 16 August
Delicious went all out with some Sweet Potatoe, Spinach and Spirulina for todays smoothie, then we...
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Toasted Granola
admin | 14 August
This toasted Granola / Muesli recipe is easy to make, and can use up the random amounts of nuts,...
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GF Lunchbox Bites
admin | 10 August
These healthy little Gluten Free, chocolatey, multi-vitamin packed bites will make your small...
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Super Blueberry Shake
admin | 09 August
So this little number can be anything you want it to be, a thick smoothie or a thin shake, just add...
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Cacao + Spinach Smoothie
admin | 02 August
Another favourite for winter, packed full of more Medicinal Mushroom madness from our Mushroom...
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GF Beetroot Cacao Cakes
admin | 01 August
When its cold and wet and you need something to lift your spirits a little, these little guys are...
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Warm Aztec Chai
admin | 26 July
The temperature has dropped again here in Melbourne, so we went all toasty warm Aztec-style Chai...
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GF Buckwheat Pancakes
admin | 22 July
If you are vegan or gluten intolerant and aren't a fan of bananas, then these little guys are for...
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GF Carrot Muffins
admin | 20 July
These Banana Buckwheat Carrot Muffins are moist, tasty and packed full of nutrition from the heaps...
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Cacao + Banana Smoothie
admin | 19 July
This bad boy is packed full of more Medicinal Mushroom madness in the form of our Mushroom Complex...
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Cauliflower Hashbrowns
admin | 16 July
Following on from our blog on Friday regarding cruciferous vegetables and their phenomenal health...
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Kale and the DIMs
admin | 15 July
When is comes to greens, at some point or another we’ve all made the same face; furrowed brow,...
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Apple + Spinach Smoothie
admin | 12 July
This smoothie is delicious, don't let the looks put you off, it may look like something that...
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Chocolate Chia Pudding
admin | 10 July
If you have a love of all things 'pudding' then this lovely little number is just what you're...
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Stronger. Fitter. Faster.
admin | 05 July
Ryan Bourke, a Triathlon Coach at CF Racing talks about how Mobility and Stability could be...
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Warm Apple Smoothie
admin | 05 July
Think grandmas homemade cinnamon spiced apple pie — in a mug. This smoothie is delicious, it's got...
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Warm Cacao Smoothie
admin | 21 June
Everyone loves chocolate, and everyone loves a winter warmer - so why not combine the 2 and get...
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Beetroot Bread
admin | 18 June
Who bakes on Saturdays? With lots of little mouths to feed or just a hankering for a bread with a...
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Bulletproof Coffee
admin | 17 June
Fridays are an awesome day of the week, but sometimes we arrive there a little worn out and not...
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Spirulina Detox Smoothie
admin | 24 May
We're going green for the change in seasons here at The Grove. This little guy is set to give our...
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Traditional ANZAC Biscuits
ANZAC Biscuits
admin | 25 April
These ANZAC biscuits are made with a traditional recipe in mind — but with a few healthy...
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Recipe Cacao Pancakes Paleo Gluten Free
Cacao Pancakes
admin | 11 April
These Cacao Pancakes are absolutely delicious! Just when you thought moist Cacao Pancakes were all...
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Recipe Chaga Medicinal Mushroom Tea
Chaga Tea
admin | 28 March
What better day than any day, to relax and make a Chaga Tea teamed up with a handful of our Organic...
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gluten free paleo Recipe Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes
admin | 21 March
These Banana Pancakes are Gluten Free and not only do they taste 'great' but are 'great' for you -...
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Recipe Almond Milk
Almond Milk
admin | 18 March
A glass of chilled organic almond milk is great on a hot day or wholesome when heated with some...
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