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These Cacao Pancakes are absolutely delicious! Just when you thought moist Cacao Pancakes were all you needed, we went and added a cacao sauce, raspberries and our Organic Yacon Coated Cacao Nibs too — O.M.G. — these things are 'off the charts' delicious, they just melt in the mouth and the best part is — THEY ARE GLUTEN FREE and GUILT FREE — not only do you get to indulge your inner-chocoholic to the MAX, but you get a dose of anti-oxidants and add to your daily magnesium too.

Should be a staple on everyones menu — we think, what do you think, we'd love to hear your thoughts and see your creations?!

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Cacao is the tasty chocolatey goodness that contains a heap of anti-oxidants and magnesium. Studies have shown that cacao can help balance the immune system, allowing it to claim its place in a special family of immunomodulaters. Check out the raft of other health benefits of Cacao when you view the product.

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Our Yacon Coated Cacao Nibs are particularly delicious, not only do they have all of the health benefits of Cacao, but they are also coated in Yacon. With Cacao shown to be a prebiotic, and Yacon shown to be a prebiotic - these 2 make the perfect couple.

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    Fri, 05/06/2016 - 01:56 reply
    These sound amazing, cant wait to try them... Yum!

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