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This beautiful Ayurveda Winter Chai recipe has been put together by our beautiful friend Carla from The Nourishment Garden. This recipe is an adaptation from a tri doshic chai recipe, that is, a recipe that is designed for all seasons and all constitutions. Carla added a few extra warming spices including cinnamon and ajwain seeds and reduced the fennel to make it more specific for bringing warmth into the body through these nippy winter days, helping to keep any excess cool and damp qualities of kapha at bay — an excessive influence of kapha can manifest as mucous congestion in the chest or a heaviness in the stomach, mind and body.
Regardless of being caffeine free, Carla mentions that you should still have plenty of focus and energy after sipping on this delicious brew, whether it's first thing in the morning or in a flask to sip throughout the day. To get the most nutritional medicinal benefits from the blend, Organic spices are recommended where possible, and if you manage to find some Organic Black Cardamon, we'd love a heads up as they appear to be hard to come by! Enjoy! :)

The Nourishment Garden:


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